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3D Model 06: 3D-Printable Hypoid Gear Drive Model

This is a fully functional hypoid gear drive model with a finger-spun shaft and straddle-mounted pinion.

Click to download these .STL files

Download Link
Size:3.91 MB
Last Updated:2016-11-11


4 Metric Phillips-head M3x12 screws

Printing Instructions:

We recommend that pinion be printed with support for better coupling with the wheel. The other parts do not need support or rafts.

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Mount wheel onto base, secure with washer.
  2. Insert shaft into pinion from the bottom side, align holes, secure with a screw.
  3. Attach arm to base, secure with a screw.
  4. Mount pinion and shaft onto base, insert shaft into a hole in arm.
  5. Install clasp, secure with two screws.

Enjoy your hypoid gear drive model!

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